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My boot lid would not stay open properly because the hinge springs had some broken leaves. There are five individual leaves in each spring pack. Replacing them is a nasty but not difficult job. These notes may help anyone who has this task to do.

 First, remove the hinge(s) from the car. If the boot lid is already in fitted and adjusted itís better to remove & repair the hinges one at a time.

 Replacement springs are not expensive but come as individual leaves. I suppose this is so that, if required, just the broken ones can be replaced but for the cost of a set of five (or even ten for both hinges) I do not consider mixing new and old to be worthwhile or cost effective since before long some more of the old leaves will break.


The spring pack is fixed to the hinge at one end with a single nut and bolt and the curved ends of the springs go around a long bolt with a sleeve and spacer.









Now is the time to put on some protective gloves because the springs are very sharp.








With a little care the nut and bolt can be undone and the old springs removed from the hinge. Getting the bolt out of the springs is a bit fiddly but with enough jiggling it will come out and the old springs can be discarded.

Now unwind one of the new springs enough to put the bolt through from the inside. The curvature of the spring tends to trap the threads of the bolt so it helps to keep that part of the spring as flat as possible.



You then have to do the same thing with all the subsequent leaves. This takes patience and I found it helpful to spray a little WD40 on the springs before assembling them to help them slide over each other.





The way to do it is to get the bolt though the next leaf and then clamp the bolt in a vice. Put a bar or big screwdriver through the centre of the leaf being added and pull it over the other springs. It doesnít look likely but it will unwind over the rest of the pack and become part of it.








 When all five are assembled the pack can be bolted back on the spring. This is the way round it goes.

 All that remains to do is to pull the new pack over the long bolt. I found this really difficult because you need a very strong bar to pull the springs and it gets in the way when trying to manoeuvre it over the long bolt. A much easier way is to remove the hinge pivot bolt. Then by holding the hinge arm in a vice the spring pack can be placed over the long bolt. Itís quite easy then to pull the two parts back into alignment so that the hinge bolt can be replaced. It does help to have a second person to pop the pivot bolt back.

 Finally, re-install on the car and be amazed how well the boot lid stays open.



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